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2020 Vision Project: Honouring our healthcare workers, behind the mask.

I am absolutely delighted to have selected as one of 100 photographers from across the UK to be part of a wonderful initiative: the 2020 Vision Project: Behind the Mask.

The project creates a visual commemoration of our national healthcare workers, reflecting their dedication throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, capturing them outside of the healthcare environment.

I was really proud to be involved in this wonderful project which pays tribute to the resilience, hard work and selflessness of our NHS workers. 600 beautiful portrait images have been collated and 100 were exhibited in London. There are plans for a book and further exhibitions featuring all 600 images in the future.

I was elated when two of my photographs were chosen as part of the 100 images displayed, including one of Bethany Bean, who is a care assistant and Caitlin Evans who works as a midwife. Bethany’s photo captured her fun and exuberance and her love of dance. Caitlin’s photograph used a documentary style capturing her at home in her garden relaxing with a jigsaw and her wife and two children beaming from the background!

The Lottery and Arts Council funded collaboration was initiated by Sophie Sheinwald, a photographer and creator of visual story book Generation Share, one of Forbe’s top isolation reads and Annie Murray, who is the founder of Horizon, a charitable organisation dedicated to providing film and media workshops for people in recovery from addiction.

The story recently featured on the front page of the Bedford Independent; you can read the full article here, and also on the front page of Bulletin.


So this happened!

I was then contacted by the BBC to be interviewed for Look East (West). You can watch the interview here:

Top photo is of Beth Bean, the second is Caitlin Evans with her wife Brown and their two children.


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