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Six Top Tips For Great Autumn Family Photography!

Autumn is a perfect time of year for getting out in the fresh air and the crisp colourful leaves for some family photography. The light can be perfect at this time of year and the chilly temperatures put a little colour in your cheeks. There’s lots of options for action shots by kicking and throwing leaves. It’s a perfect time for a family photoshoot to make and capture some great memories.

Choose the right time of day

In Autumn, when the sun is lower, the best time to get great shots is around 4-5pm, around an hour before the sun sets. Taking photos on overcast and rainy days can make the autumn colours more intense as well. The soft golden glow is perfect for family portraits under the colourful trees.

Autumn is a great time to photograph near water as it can add great reflective elements

Pick a great location

There are so many lovely locations in and around Bedford that I love to use for a fun outdoor family photoshoot such as: Bedford Park, the Embankment along the river, around the lake at Priory Country Park, a little further afield at Rushmere Country Park and so many more. Go out and explore and see where you end up.

Have fun and relax

Some of the best photos are created when you’re immersed in fun things, so for a more playful or documentary style take your snaps when your kids are playing, enjoying the autumn leaves. Trying to get kids to pose for photos can lead to tortured looks on their faces, but they photograph really well when they don’t know you’re pointing a camera at them. Taking too many overly posed shots can annoy young and teenagers alike so limit those if you can. Oh and another top tip, don’t ask your children to say ‘Cheese!’ it gives them an unusual expression and not a natural smile. Best to say something cheeky to get those natural smiles and laughs.

Candid pictures of the kids makes your family photoshoot more natural

Use autumn leaves as props

Autumn is a magical time for outdoor family photography. Ideally you should take your autumn shots while the leaves on the trees are colourful but they haven’t yet fallen – this is usually from mid-late October. Kids and adults love kicking the crunchy leaves and throwing them in big bunches into the air. It’s loads of fun and its even more fun when you look back at the crazy photos you’ve taken. I would suggest throwing some extra leaves from the side for added affect. Use a tripod and set the timer on your camera if you can so everyone can join in the fun!

Leaves blowing in the breeze offer texture and interest to your photos.

Don’t take too long

Spending loads of time on family photoshoots and getting them perfect for social media or your family Christmas card can be really tiresome for kids who want to run off and play. Family photography can be a really fun experience when you use it as a creative experience - for it to stay fun, make it quick and painless!

Edit your photos later

It can be tempting to take your family photos and the try and adjust the brightness and filters right there and then. Don’t waste time you should be spending making memories on adjusting your photos’ balance and brightness. Take the shots and edit them later. Instagram can wait until you’re done having fun with your family!

If you would like to choose this wonderful time of year for professional family photoshoot I offer outdoor family photography packages - a fun, informal and totally relaxed 30 minutes after which you will get 5 beautiful family photographs I will guarantee you will love, for just £75.

Do get in touch with me to find out more by visiting my contact page


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